About Wicklund

Wicklund is a band for all of the people who are searching for something greater; an anthem for shy people who feel like their voices aren't heard amidst all of the noise surrounding us. As our song, "Lost" says "The lost and afraid will be found one day, blowing up with confidence and busting out of our cages. Shadows no more but we still feel our past, it's what makes us who we are and it's why we're gonna last." We're all lost in our own way but we hope that our music can uplift your spirit and bring some joy to a generally dark world.


Hailing from Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and Tennessee, we found a home base in Nashville. We have created a unique sound infusing many elements of rock, funk, reggae, etc. that is sure to keep listeners on their feet. Our first album, "Easy, Wicklund", was made in collaboration with Spencer's brother's band, Speak Easy, who frequents the Seattle music scene. If you like Wicklund, please be sure to check Speak Easy out at SEZmusic.com! The album means the world to us and we hope that you enjoy it too.


"Easy, Wicklund" is available on all streaming sites with hardcopies available for purchase as well. 

"I want people to feel happy when they listen to our music. Life is really tough and we all go through so many struggles just to get by. I think each song touches on this theme in some way."


~ Spencer Ralph

We Are Wicklund

Spencer Ralph

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Vocals / Guitar

Alec Hawley

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Isaiah Ssemanda

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Lead Guitar

Sean Lamontagne

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