"Wherever You Go" is a reminder that, even though we don't have the answers to most of life's questions, we should feel comfort knowing there are some people who will be with us "wherever we go".


"Lost" explains what shy people like us endure every day. We feel like our voices aren't heard and our feelings are trampled on by those with more confidence. But one day we're gonna find ourselves and feel brand new. 


"Better Than You Think" is an anthem for all of the mothers out there! My mom has saved my life more times than I can remember so I wanted her to know how much I appreciate her. 


"Star Trippin'" is a fun, energetic song about space exploration and finding our friends that are in outer space. The little green men aren't all scary, right? 🖖


"Dream World" is a story about how the world has evolved into a technology-driven, social media crazed, place. It's hard to find ourselves in a place like this...but one day we'll create a new dream world where we all feel whole.


"Peace in Your Vibe" is my attempt at creating a love song. There's nothing better than feeling like you can be completely yourself around the people you love. I hope that we all find someone who brings us peace and allows us to fully embrace what makes us unique. 

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